Colin Dale

Show BioHide BioMelbourne-born sports nut, Colin “Bomber” Dale began his career in journalism with The Herald as copy boy in 1980. Stints with the Sunday Press and The Sun followed along with a year with NTV Channel 8 in Darwin. Chasing his dream to work in Fleet Street and follow all sports and drink beer around the world, Bomber landed on his feet in the UK, founding a tour company specialising in festivals such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, Rugby Internationals and Royal Ascot. Prost!

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Don’t let them bounce the bounce!


Controversial rule changes? The future of the bounce? No need for the AFL’s Laws of the Game Committee when we can turn to two country umpiring legends with over 1,200 games (and counting) experience between them. COLIN DALE meets the marathon masters of the w... More »