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Prestigious Horse Racing Event in Saudi Arabia $20 Million Purse

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In recent news, Saudi Arabia has been drawing much attention to itself following the news that the country plans to host a formula 1 event in 2021. 

Just shortly after this announcement, it was made clear to the public Saudi Arabia is set to be the next biggest cup in the world. The country is to host their very own cup which will be offering $20 million spread amongst winners.  Sportsbooks from around the world will be keeping up to date with the players, the scores and the odds for bettors around the world. Check out

 when the time comes for this magnificent event bound to have the entire world riveted.  Here is what we know so far.  The Saudi Arabia Cup has been dubbed “The World’s Richest Race” with $20 million dollars up at stake. First prize claims $10 million and second will take $3.5 million. The remainder of the purse is set to be split amongst other ranking position holders. The place of the event will be held at the King Abdul Aziz Racetrack in Riyadh, and according to seasoned and expert jockey Frankie Dettori,

In recent news, Saudi Arabia has been drawing much attention to itself following the news that the country plans to host a Formula 1 event in 2021. Just shortly after this announcement, it was made clear to the public Saudi Arabia is set to be the next biggest cup in the world. The country is to host their very own cup which will be offering $20 million spread amongst winners.

Sportsbooks from around the world will be keeping up to date with the players, the scores and the odds for bettors around the world. Check out when the time comes for this magnificent event bound to have the entire world riveted.

Here is what we know so far.

The Saudi Arabia Cup has been dubbed “The World’s Richest Race” with $20 million dollars up at stake. First prize claims $10 million and second will take $3.5 million. The remainder of the purse is set to be split amongst other ranking position holders.

The place of the event will be held at the King Abdul Aziz Racetrack in Riyadh, and according to seasoned and expert jockey Frankie Dettori, it is one of the best in the world given positions where jockeys have the ability to recover from falling behind. The race will be held over 1, 800 meters (9 furlongs) and have a maximum of 14 horses in attendance. Only the best will be selected to partake in the races and the entrance? Well that free!

Visa procedures have already been confirmed in 2019, preparing for tourists around the world. The event has been set to take place on the 29th of February 2020 which is the ideal date as it lands between the Pegasus Cup and the Dubai Cup, two races who both held the title once for being the richest cup in the world.

Prince Bandar addressed the Arab press and invited all from around the world saying that he welcomes all in attendance and he hopes that visitors enjoy everything his Kingdom had to offer. He said that the event was initiated by the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia and that it had taken 2 years to get the preparations in order. He went on to say that the government was incredibly encouraging and they had gone out of their way to ensure the event went smoothly and was successful. The prince also made an interesting revelation saying that the country will open its doors to the public and welcome those by the end of 2019 and it would appear proceedings to do so have already been approved.

The prize money was important to build the reputation of the event and draw in a certain crowd.

The event will bring in massive profits to the country as tourists stream in for the Saudi Arabia Cup and the country will benefit from this event, not to mention some of the most prestigious celebrities will be in attendance as it is the biggest horse racing event history has seen yet.


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