Introducing Simon Schneider

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SIMON SCHNEIDER aimed high when he got his Diploma of Graphic Design.

Aged 23 and ambitious, he took samples of his work to the man at the top: legendary Sun cartoonist, Geoff “Jeff” Hook.

Geoff was hooked and they were soon working side by side at The Sun. The young protégé showed his flair with cartoons, caricatures and illustrations, working for 25 years on The Sun and its successor, the Herald Sun.

He won two Quills from the Melbourne Press Club and numerous other awards.

Now a freelancer (, Simon joined this week. “When I saw the team working at Sportshounds I couldn’t wait to get involved,” he said.

Now he’s turned back the clock, working with Geoff Hook, the designer of the Hounds logo and our regular cartoonist.

To give you an idea of his talent, Simon has handpicked some of his favourite drawings, so sit back and enjoy the gallery.




Author: Colin Duck

Colin Duck was the last Editor of The Sun before it merged with The Herald. Before that he was Editor of the Sunday Press and Deputy Editor of The Herald. After the Herald Sun merger Duck moved into newspaper and magazine management.



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